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We’re NYC’s healthy fun club, connecting our members to other good people by giving them cool shit to do in New York City when they’re not busy improving their minds, bodies, and souls. 

Do you teach yoga, lead meditations, host discussions, or create healthy fun experiences for good people?

Team up with us to create some awesome events!

We're always on the lookout for passionate individuals to help shape our community, we believe the ability to help people connect is a talent in itself, and that the next group of leaders of the health and wellness movement will have skill sets as varied and vibrant as their personalities.

If you are an DJ, mixologist, yoga teacher, gymnist, acrobatic performer, educational speaker, artist, chef, practitioner, or fitness or wellness instructor, let’s crate some fun events together!  

Take 5 minutes and tell us about yourself below. Let’s build a safe space for good people to come together and have some healthy fun in New York City.